The One Where Brett Called TJ Insane
(but in a good way)

Recorded on February 9th, 2015

[Overtired logo] Brett Terpstra and I both worked at TUAW together, before Brett left a few years ago to do his own thing. Christina Warren had left before I started there, but we’ve “known” each other on the Internet for several years.

Christina and Brett co-host the Overtired podcast together. In episode 29 (Sober the Whole Time) they talked about TUAW, some of the great things (and some of the later not-so-great things) about it.

Around the the 4m14s mark, Brett said this:

People like TJ Luoma always wrote completely original [articles]… you wouldn’t find this kind of “how to” anywhere else, because he was insane with the stuff he could make his Mac do [with] scripting and everything. To me, that was the heart of why I would read TUAW.

The stuff Brett can do with a computer makes me feel like I’m playing with LEGO bricks and toys by comparison, so this was a nice compliment.

Reminds me of the time that I emailed Peter N Lewis (developer of Keyboard Maestro) about a Keyboard Maestro macro I had created…to backup my Keyboard Maestro macros. His email reply began with this line (shared with his permission):

Let’s start by saying that is either very impressive or completely insane.

If I ever have business cards made up, I might have to use “either very impressive or completely insane” as my tagline.