Duet Display Auto Launch and Quit

Recorded on February 7th, 2015

Duet Display runs on the Mac and on your iPad, and allows you to use your iPad as a second monitor. Now, that might not seem very exciting, because there are lots of apps which let you use your iPad as a second display, but the Duet is different and better. Instead of using a Wi-Fi connection, like most, Duet Display uses your iPad’s USB cable (either a 30-pin or lightning cable).

The result is that the connection is very fast with no lag.

Pair it with the SideCar — a nifty little piece of plastic that holds the two of them together (see yellow arrows below) — and you get something like this:

[iPad with Duet Display with Sidebar]

Automating launching and quitting Duet on the Mac

Most people would probably set Duet on the Mac to simply launch when you log in, but unless you use it all of the time, that’s not necessary. I try to avoid launching apps on login unless I absolutely have to, so I do something else.

Using Keyboard Maestro I can have Duet for Mac launch whenever my iPad is connected via USB. That looks something like this:

[Keyboard Maestro macro for Duet]

and Keyboard Maestro will quit Duet automatically when the iPad is disconnected:

[Keyboard Maestro to quit Duet]

Download Links

  1. Duet Display iOS app is $15. (Well worth the price, IMO.)

  2. Duet Display for Mac is free.

  3. My Keyboard Maestro macros for Duet.

The SideCar is optional. You can use whatever iPad case or stand you want.